Mahindra Scorpio N VS Mahindra XUV700
Mahindra Scorpio N VS Mahindra XUV700

Mahindra Scorpio N VS Mahindra XUV700

February 15, 2024

In the Indian SUV arena, a battle for dominance is brewing between two Mahindra powerhouses: the Scorpio N with its rough road capabilities and the XUV700 with all its modern features and styling. Both of them have Mahindra badge in common, as well as the option of a 2.2L diesel engine. But their characters are very different. The Scorpio N has a confident and strong stance which is able to suggest its off-road ability that surpasses paved roads. In this regard, the XUV700 easily stands out with its futuristic design and hi-tech interiors. Then, which is the best one? Jump in and check out their advantages, limits, and those factors that could place your perfect SUV on top.

The Mahindra XUV700 starts at Rs. 13.99 Lakh, which is a bit pricier than the base model of the Mahindra Scorpio N priced at Rs. 13.60 Lakh.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Mahindra Scorpio N and the Mahindra XUV700 are different from each other.

Fuel TypeDieselDiesel
Body StyleLadder-frame SUVMonocoque SUV
Seating Capacity6/7 seater5/6/7 seater
Engine Options2.0L Petrol (200 PS), 2.2L Diesel (130/175 PS)2.0L Petrol (200 PS), 2.2L Diesel (155/185 PS)
Transmission OptionsManual, AutomaticManual, Automatic
Driving FeelMore rugged, off-road orientedMore car-like, comfortable on-road
InteriorFunctional, less premiumModern, premium features
FeaturesSunroof, touchscreen infotainment, connected car tech, off-road featuresPanoramic sunroof, digital instrument cluster, ADAS features

Engine & Transmission

FeatureMahindra Scorpio NMahindra XUV700
Engine Options2.0L Petrol (T-GDI), 2.2L Diesel2.0L Petrol (T-GDI), 2.2L Diesel
Engine TypemHawkmHAWK
Displacement (cc)21981997
No. of Cylinders44
Horsepower (Petrol)200 PS @ 5000 RPM200 PS @ 3600 RPM
Torque (Petrol)380 Nm @ 1750-4750 RPM380 Nm @ 1600-4200 RPM
Horsepower (Diesel)130 PS & 175 PS155 PS & 185 PS
Torque (Diesel)300 Nm & 400 Nm360 Nm & 450 Nm
Transmission Options6-speed Manual, 6-speed Automatic6-speed Automatic, 6-speed Manual, 7-speed Automatic (AWD)
Drivetrain Options2WD, 4WD2WD, AWD
Turbo ChargerYesYes
  • The Scorpio N offers a slightly wider powerband on its petrol engine compared to the XUV700.
  • The XUV700 offers a more powerful diesel engine in its automatic transmission variant.
  • The Scorpio N offers the option of rear-wheel drive for its petrol variants, while the XUV700 only comes in front-wheel drive.
  • Both models offer automatic and manual transmission options, but the specific variants available may differ.

Performance, Fuel & Brakes

FeatureMahindra Scorpio NMahindra XUV700
Engine OptionsPetrol (2.0L Turbo GDI), Diesel (2.2L mHawk)Petrol (2.0L Turbo GDI, 2.2L Turbo GDI), Diesel (2.2L mHawk)
Transmission OptionsManual (6-speed), Automatic (6-speed, 8-speed)Automatic (6-speed, 7-speed)
Power (Petrol)200 PS (Manual), 203 PS (Automatic)200 PS (GDI), 165 PS (Turbo GDI)
Power (Diesel)130 PS (Base), 175 PS (Top)155 PS (Manual), 185 PS (Automatic)
Torque (Petrol)370 Nm (Manual), 380 Nm (Automatic)380 Nm (GDI), 320 Nm (Turbo GDI)
Torque (Diesel)300 Nm (Base), 400 Nm (Top)360 Nm (Manual), 450 Nm (Automatic)
0-100 kmph (Petrol)9.8s (Automatic)10.3s (GDI), 8.2s (Turbo GDI)
0-100 kmph (Diesel)13.2s (Manual), 12.3s (Automatic)12.3s (Manual), 9.5s (Automatic)
Top Speed (Petrol)197 kmph (Automatic)200 kmph (GDI), 205 kmph (Turbo GDI)
Top Speed (Diesel)177 kmph (Manual), 186 kmph (Automatic)179 kmph (Manual), 202 kmph (Automatic)
Fuel Efficiency12.6 kmpl (Petrol), 16.12 kmpl (Diesel) (Automatic)16.3 kmpl (GDI), 17.0 kmpl (Turbo GDI) (Automatic)
Drive Modes4 (Petrol & Diesel)3 (Petrol & Diesel)
Terrain Modes3 (4WD Only)N/A
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)5760
Braking (100-0 kmph)    37.65 Meters
Braking (80-0 kmph)               22.19 Meters
Disc brakes on all wheelsYesYes
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)YesYes
Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)YesYes
Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA)YesYes
Cornering Brake Control (CBC)YesYes
Hill Descent Control (HDC)Yes (Automatic and Manual variants)Yes (Automatic and AWD variants)
Hill Hold Assist (HHA)Yes (Automatic variants)Yes (Automatic variants)
Disc Brake Size (Front/Rear)330 mm / 330 mm (Petrol), 330 mm / 300 mm (Diesel)330 mm / 330 mm (Petrol), 360 mm / 330 mm (Diesel)
Parking Brake TypeManual (Drum)Electronic (Disc)
Disc Brake Cooling (Ventilated or Solid)SolidSolid (Petrol), Ventilated (Diesel)
  • The Mahindra XUV700 comes in both front-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) versions, while the Mahindra Scorpio N is only available in rear-wheel drive (RWD) and 4-wheel drive (4WD) versions.
  • The XUV700 offers more engine and transmission choices compared to the Scorpio N.
  • The Scorpio N has a tougher, off-road-focused design, while the XUV700 prioritizes on-road comfort and performance.
  • The XUV700’s diesel variants have larger front disc brakes than the Scorpio N.
  • The XUV700 features an electronic parking brake, whereas the Scorpio N has a manual drum parking brake.
  • Remember, these are the basic features each model offers. Higher variant levels might provide extra braking features like automatic emergency braking (AEB).

Suspension, Wheels & Steering

FeatureMahindra Scorpio NMahindra XUV700
FrontDouble Wishbone Independent with Coil SpringsMcPherson Strut Independent with FSD and Stabilizer Bar
RearMulti-link Coil Spring with Anti-Roll BarMulti-link Independent with FSD and Stabilizer Bar
Rim size (Base variant)17 inches Steel17 inches Steel
Rim size (Top variant)18 inches Alloy20 inches Alloy (Optional)
Tyre size (Base variant)235/65 R17215/60 R17
Tyre size (Top variant)255/60 R18255/45 R20 (Optional)
TypeHydraulically AssistedElectrically Assisted
Turning Radius5.6 meters5.4 meters
  • Mahindra Scorpio N offers both rear-wheel-drive (RWD) and four-wheel-drive (4WD) options, while Mahindra XUV700 is only available in RWD and all-wheel-drive (AWD) configurations.
  • Some higher variants of both SUVs offer electronically adjustable dampers or suspension modes for a more comfortable or sporty ride.
  • The Mahindra XUV700 provides a lighter steering feel compared to the Scorpio N, which might be preferred for city driving


FeatureMahindra Scorpio NMahindra XUV700
Seating Capacity77
Boot Space (Litres)460240
No. of Doors55


FeatureMahindra Scorpio NMahindra XUV700
Length (mm)46624695
Width (mm)19171890
Height (mm)18571755
Wheel Base (mm)28502829


FeatureMahindra Scorpio NMahindra XUV700
Overall ThemeRugged, utilitarianSophisticated, modern
MaterialsLeatherette and fabric (mix varies)Soft-touch plastic, leather (top trims)
Dashboard DesignHorizontal layout with large screenCurved layout with dual screens
Instrument ClusterAnalog dials with digital displayFully digital instrument cluster
Infotainment System8-inch touchscreen (base) 12-inch (top)10.25-inch touchscreen (all trims)
Ambient LightingMulti-color optionsCustomizable multi-color options
SeatingComfortable, bolsteredSpacious, captain seats in top trims
Second Row SpaceAmple legroom and headroomMore legroom, less headroom (sunroof)
Third Row SpaceOptional, good for childrenStandard, cramped for adults
StorageAmple cubbyholes and pocketsMultiple storage compartments
Panoramic SunroofAvailable in top trimsAvailable in all trims
Climate ControlDual-zone automatic (top trims)Dual-zone automatic (all trims)
FeaturesKeyless entry, push-button start, cruise control, sunroof (top trims)Keyless entry, push-button start, driver drowsiness detection, 360-degree camera (top trims)


FeatureMahindra Scorpio NMahindra XUV700
Overall DesignBold, rugged, imposingSleek, modern, sophisticated
HeadlightsLED projector with DRLsLED DRLs with dynamic turn indicators
Tail LightsLED with twin C-shaped designLED with claw-like design
GrillLarge, chrome-plated grille with vertical slatsSleek, horizontal grille with chrome inserts
Wheels18-inch alloy wheels with different options18-inch or 20-inch alloy wheels with different designs
Roof railsIntegrated roof railsIntegrated roof rails
SpoilerRear spoiler (optional)Roof-mounted spoiler
SunroofElectric sunroof (optional)Panoramic sunroof
Door handlesBody-colored with chrome accentsFlush-fitting door handles
Chrome accentsAbundant chrome accents on grille, door handles, etc.Minimal chrome accents
Foot stepsSide foot steps (optional)No side foot steps
Ground clearance230mm200mm
Available Colors65


FeatureMahindra Scorpio NMahindra XUV700
Dual airbags (Driver & Passenger)
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)
Cornering Stability Control (CSC)
Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA)
Hill Hold Control (HHC)
Traction Control System (TCS)
Rollover Mitigation (ROM)
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
ISOFIX Child Seat Anchorages
Rear Parking Sensors
Seatbelt Warning (Driver & Passenger)
Speed Alert System
Panic Button
Engine Immobilizer
Central Locking
  • The Mahindra XUV700 offers more optional safety features than the Mahindra Scorpio N, including 360° surround view camera, blind spot monitoring system, lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and driver drowsiness detection system.
  • The Mahindra Scorpio N offers a driver airbag knee bolster as standard, which is not available on the XUV700.


FeatureMahindra Scorpio NMahindra XUV700
Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)Optional on Z8L AT Diesel & Petrol variantsAvailable on AX7 Diesel & Petrol variants
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)NoYes (Optional)
High Beam Assist (HBA)NoYes
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)YesYes
Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)NoYes (Optional)
Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)NoYes (Optional)
Drowsiness Detection System (DDS)NoYes (Optional)
Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)NoYes (Optional)
Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)NoYes (Optional)
360° Surround View CameraYesYes
Parking Sensors (Front & Rear)YesYes
Hill Hold Control (HHC)YesYes
Electronic Stability Program (ESP)YesYes
Traction Control System (TCS)YesYes
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)YesYes
Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)YesYes
  • Availability of ADAS features may vary depending on the specific variant chosen.
  • Optional features require additional cost.

Advance Internet

FeatureMahindra Scorpio NMahindra XUV700
Connected Car AppAdrenoX ConnectAdrenoX Connect
Remote Lock/UnlockYesYes
Remote GeofencingYesYes
Remote Vehicle DiagnosticsYesYes
Remote Climate ControlYes (Top Variants)Yes
Connected Car AlertsYes (Over-speeding, Theft, Towing)Yes (More comprehensive, including ADAS alerts)
Connected Music StreamingAmazon Alexa In-Car AssistantAmazon Alexa In-Car Assistant
Voice CommandsLimited commands for car controlsMore extensive voice commands for car controls, navigation, infotainment
OTA UpdatesYesYes
In-Car WiFi HotspotAvailable as AccessoryAvailable
Online NavigationYes (MapmyIndia)Yes (MapmyIndia and additional connected features)
Digital Instrument ClusterSemi-digital (Top Variants)Fully Digital
Head-Up Display (HUD)NoAvailable (Top Variants)
  • The Mahindra XUV700 typically has more advanced internet capabilities than the Mahindra Scorpio N.
  • Depending on the variant chosen, both models provide optional features.
  • While both models offer Alexa integration, the XUV700 has more features and voice command options.
  • Before deciding to buy, it’s crucial to review the features available in each variant.

Entertainment & Communication

FeatureMahindra Scorpio NMahindra XUV700
Touchscreen Size8″ or 9.2″ (model might vary)10.25″
Navigation SystemNo (optional on low variants)Yes (standard)
Connected Vehicle FunctionsYes (limited functions)Yes (more comprehensive functions)
Sound System6-speaker or 12-speaker (depending on variant)12-speaker Sony 3D surround sound system
Voice CommandsYes (limited)Yes (more advanced)
Digital Instrument ClusterOptional top variantsStandard on all the variants
Heads-Up Display (HUD)NoYes (optional)
Rear Seat Entertainment SystemNoYes (optional)
Android Auto & Apple CarPlayYesYes
Bluetooth ConnectivityYesYes
Number of USB Ports2 or 4 (dependent on variant)4 or 5 (based on variant)
Wireless ChargingNoYes
  • The XUV700 has got more infotainment and connectivity features compared to the Scorpio N.
  • The upper versions of these SUVs have features like wireless charging, panoramic sunroof, and ambient lighting too.
  • The XUV700 is equipped with a better voice command system and a digital instrument cluster.
  • The starting price of Scorpio N is lower than the XUV 700.

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