Terms and Conditions

Welcome to NowWheels! These comprehensive Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) meticulously delineate the terms of engagement with our website, mobile site, mobile applications, and associated services collectively referred to as the “Website.” We urge you to meticulously peruse these terms before engaging with our services.

  1. Acknowledgment
  • Entire Agreement

This Agreement, combined with the Privacy Policy, Additional Terms and Conditions, and Terms of Sale, forms the crux of the comprehensive understanding (“Agreement”) between NowWheels and You. Your access to and use of the Website signify your acknowledgment and unwavering commitment to complying with these terms.

  • Incorporation of Additional Documents

Documents/policies are intricately woven into these Terms of Use by reference. This includes terms from third-party providers and agreements entered separately, fostering a holistic understanding.

1.3 User Regulation

Your usage of the Website is stringently regulated by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If You find any part of these terms disagreeable, please refrain from using our Website.

1.4 Third-Party Service Providers

NowWheels, in its pursuit of service enhancement, may enlist the expertise of third-party service providers. By utilizing the Website, You authorize NowWheels and its service providers to collect, use, and analyze information for an enriched user experience.

  1. 2. Eligibility

2.1 Age and Legal Competence

Services are exclusively available to persons of majority (18 years or older) and legally competent to form a contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872.

2.2 Ineligibility

Persons legally incompetent, for any reason, are ineligible. NowWheels, as the steward of a secure online environment, reserves the right to restrict or terminate access for non-compliance with these terms or applicable laws.

  1. Important

3.1 Limited Use and Access

The Website stands as an online marketplace and intermediary. Information is for reference purposes and does not substitute specific advice. NowWheels, in its dynamic operational model, reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue any part of the Website at any time.

3.2 User Responsibility

Users acknowledge that information provided on the Website is utilized at their own risk. Proper inquiries should be made before relying on the information, fostering a culture of user empowerment and due diligence.

3.3 Additional Terms

NowWheels, in its commitment to user-centricity, may supplement these terms with additional terms related to specific content. Mobile app users are subject to additional terms from third-party providers, adding an extra layer of nuanced understanding.

  1. 4. Services

4.1 Platform and Intermediary

NowWheels, in its role as a versatile platform and intermediary, opens doors to a plethora of services. This spans information on new/used cars, research services, listings, advertisements, and more.

4.2 Service Discretion

All services are orchestrated at NowWheels’s sole discretion. The dynamism of the digital landscape empowers NowWheels to add, remove, or suspend services without prior notice, ensuring a responsive and evolving user experience.

  1. Features and Content

5.1 Content Definition

“Content” encompasses all information, data, text, software, and materials on the Website. “Features” refer to interactive services available on the Website, ensuring a multifaceted user engagement.

5.2 User Content

Users, as active contributors to the digital tapestry, may upload User Content. NowWheels, as the custodian of content integrity, is not responsible for User Content and may remove or disable access if it violates any rights or laws, fostering a community of responsible content curation.

5.3 User Content License

Users, by virtue of their contributions, grant NowWheels a perpetual, non-revocable license to use and adapt User Content. This symbiotic relationship is underpinned by user representation of ownership and lawful use of User Content.

  1. Your Account and Login Options

6.1 Registration

Users, in their journey of exploration, may access certain features as a guest or by registering. Registered users, through the act of creating an account, tacitly agree to maintain confidentiality, fostering a secure and personalized user experience.

6.2 Account Responsibility

Users, as the architects of their digital footprint, are responsible for activities under their account. NowWheels, as the guardian of user information, may suspend/delete accounts for providing untrue information, ensuring the sanctity of user data.

6.3 Privacy Policy

The sanctity of user information is upheld through NowWheels’s Privacy Policy. Users, by participating in the digital ecosystem, agree to the tenets outlined in this policy, establishing a framework of transparency and data protection.

  1. User’s Obligation

7.1 Compliance with Laws

Users, as responsible digital citizens, commit to compliance with applicable laws, rules, and these terms. Users shall refrain from engaging in prohibited activities, including unauthorized access or interference with the Website, ensuring a harmonious coexistence in the digital realm.

7.2 Prohibited Activities

Users, as part of the NowWheels digital community, shall abstain from engaging in illegal use, security violations, spam, and unsolicited communication. This collective commitment fortifies the integrity of the digital space.

  1. Disclaimer of Warranties

8.1 Website Availability

NowWheels, as stewards of the digital landscape, does not guarantee perpetual availability. The dynamic nature of digital infrastructure may lead to periodic maintenance and technical hiccups, ensuring a transparent understanding of operational nuances.

8.2 Information Accuracy

NowWheels, in its commitment to transparency, does not warrant information completeness, accuracy, or non-misleading nature. Users are encouraged to approach information with a discerning eye, fostering a culture of informed decision-making.

8.3 No Advice Intent

NowWheels, as a facilitator of information, clarifies that the Website does not intend to provide any form of advice. Users are encouraged to seek specialized advice for specific needs, underpinning a culture of responsible decision-making.

  1. Liability Limitations

9.1 Direct and Indirect Losses

 NowWheels, in alignment with industry practices, is not liable for direct or indirect losses, revenue loss, business contracts, or conflicts arising from Website use. Users are encouraged to approach digital interactions with a comprehensive understanding of inherent dynamics.

9.2 Reasonableness Acknowledgment

Users, through continued usage, acknowledge the reasonableness of liability limitations and other terms. The digital ecosystem operates within a framework of evolving dynamics, and user acceptance ensures a seamless coexistence.

  1. Indemnification and Limitation of Liability

10.1 Team Liability Limitations

NowWheels’s officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries, and successors benefit from limitations on user claims. Users, by virtue of this Agreement, waive the right to bring claims against these entities, ensuring a balanced and secure digital ecosystem.

10.2 Indemnification Commitment

Users commit to indemnifying and holding NowWheels harmless from claims or demands, fortifying the collaborative spirit of the digital community. This commitment extends to all aspects of user engagement on the Website.

  1. Termination of Services

11.1 Account Termination

NowWheels reserves the right to terminate accounts or deny access for non-compliance with terms. The termination process includes information removal and entails effects outlined in this Agreement.

11.2 Amendments to Terms

NowWheels retains the right to modify terms. Users, through continued engagement, signal acceptance of modified terms, nurturing a flexible and responsive digital environment.

  1. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

12.1 Jurisdiction

The Agreement aligns with the laws of [Jurisdiction]. Users submit to the jurisdiction of [Jurisdiction], fostering a harmonious relationship with legal frameworks.

  1. Contact Us

13.1 Contact Information

For inquiries or concerns, users are invited to contact NowWheels at [Contact Email/Phone], ensuring open lines of communication and conflict resolution.

  1. Conclusion

14.1 User Agreement Acknowledgment

Thank you for navigating these comprehensive Terms and Conditions. Continued use of NowWheels signals user acknowledgment and adherence to these terms, cultivating a collaborative and secure digital ecosystem.

These Terms and Conditions, as the cornerstone of our digital community, set the stage for a harmonious and responsible user experience on NowWheels.

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